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Shep on TV

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Last Update: 09-13-2015

Tonight Show with Ernie Kovacs

October 22, 1956

In 1956 Shep appeared on the Tonight Show with host Ernie Kovacs. Ernie did a horizontal split screen, Shep's upper face over Ernie's lower face. While Shep spoke, Ernie 'mouthed' the words. Interesting note is what he said was an early reference to one of the story lines about the Little Orphan Annie Decoder Pin which he later used in his movie "A Christmas Story" - "Time now for the secret message tonight boys and girls. So set your decoder pins at B-12." [He may have been promoting his first record "Into the Unknown with Jazz Music" on which in track 9 he talks about the Orphan Annie decoder pin.]

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• Into the Unknown - 9th track -

October 22,1956
10-22-1956 Hammond Times Article

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

October 22,1956
Shep makes guest appearance on Tonight Show

Courtesy: Steve Glazer


Shep with Ernie Kovacs