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Last Update: 10-16-2015

From These Roots

Milton Sweetwater

February 15, 1961

Jean Shepherd, who gained prominence as champion of the "night people," has taken a daytime job on a television soap opera. He will portray the role of Milton Sweetwater, a TV producer, on "From These Roots." N.B.C. said Mr Shepherd would make his first appearance on the program on Wednesday at 3:30 P.M. He will appear occasionally thereafter, the network said.
Additional Comments:
It is unclear if Shep did appear. He was not mentioned as a cast member in the IMDB or Wikipedia listings. The show was cancelled December 29, 1961, so there was a chance he appeared over the 10 month period The show ran on N.B.C. daytime from June 30, 1958 to December 29, 1961.

Production Information:
Studio / Network: N.B.C.
Director: Joseph Behar, Paul Lammers, Leonard Valenta, Don Wallace
Asst Director:
Producer: Eugene Barr, Paul Lammers, Don Wallace
Executive Producer:
Running Time: 30 minutes
Links to Further Information:
• IMDB listing (Shep not listed in cast)
• Wikipedia listing

February 09,1961
"From these Roots" preview

February 10,1961
The Bridgeport Post

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

February 12,1961
"From these Roots" TV Sched