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Jean Shepherd's America - Season 1


"...AND THE BAD GUYS ARE BACK ON THE SHORE, SHAKING THEIR FISTS" Jean Shepherd might well be the world's only real-life comic-book hero. The things he actually does come right out of dreams, comic-book fantasies. Like this episode of JEAN SHEPHERD'S AMERICA. Jean remembers one comic-strip from his boyhood in which the hero gets away in a houseboat. The bad guys are faked out, and left back on the shore shaking their fists. Meanwhile, as the sun slowly sinks in the west, the hero sails safely away. And thanks to the houseboat, good triumphs over evil. Ever since that time, Shepherd has wanted to be the "houseboat hero. n And now he gets his big chance on JEAN SHEPHERD'S AMERICA. No bad guys this time, and no chase. Just Jean Shepherd on a houseboat. But "Just Jean Shepherd on a houseboat" is truly something to behold. He stands proudly at the helm, reaching into :his never-ending stock of stories. There's the soft sound of the engine purring in the background, and the gentle lapping of the waves to complete the mood. It's all part of his love affair with America's crazy fads and foibles. A lot of us have wild dreams about living a nomadic life at sea. And Jean Shepherd goes and does it. He's America's reflection of itself, and he's enjoying himself every minute. You can't help enjoying his dream version of the "houseboat hero."
Fan Comments
[ Courtesy: Pete Delaney - 09-18-2016 ]
A very peaceful episode as Jean Shepherd pilots an empty houseboat around the Gulf of Mexico ("This boat sleeps six. I get to pick the other five.") amid gorgeous aquatic scenery. Paraphrasing Robinson Crusoe and offering recollections of a childhood comic book hero who escapes the bad guys with a unique watercraft the show ends with Shep finding the deserted island of his dreams.
Additional Comments:
Music played during the show: Muzak version of "Theme From a Summer Place" "Aranjuez Mon Amour" Rodrigo

Production Information:
Studio / Network: WGBH - Snow Pond Productions
Director: Fred Barzyk
Asst Director:
Producer: Olivia Tappan, Leigh Brown
Executive Producer:
Running Time:
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