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Last Update: 07-06-2015

Shepherd Strikes Again

September 15, 1981

A KMOX-TV Special Presentation This special was either a pilot or one of a kind re-make of a Shepherd's Pie type show which aired in St Louis KMOX TV. The copyright is CBS of which KMOX was an affiliate.

Production Information:
Studio / Network: CBS
Director: Skip Goodrum
Asst Director:
Producer: Debi Pittman
Executive Producer:
Running Time: 30 minutes
Links to Further Information:
• Watch the video
• Debi Pittman's photos

September 15,1981
St Louis Post Dispatch Ad

Courtesy: Gene Bergmann

September 15,1981
TV Guide Listing

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

September 15,1981

September 15,1981
Shepherd wearing Gilmore/Foyt Racing Team Hat

September 15,1981

Emblem from hat

A.J. Foyt wearing hat