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Betty Hughes and Her Friends

October 19, 1971

Note: The date is when the show was taped. The actual airdate is not known. Shep appears on this show to promote his book "Wanda Hickey's Night...." "There were never any good old days" Uses childhood in his stories and the hypothetical "I" Talks about reading a book from his parent's bookcase called "Boccaccio's Decameron" and doing a book report on it. This became "Miss Bryfogel and the Frightening Case of the Speckle-throated Cuckold" in the book IGWT and was a Playboy short story in Aug 1966. Were the days passed better than now? Shep talks about how things always appeared to be better in days gone by than now. Writing: One of the great myths - "Everything is different" Writes about how it feels to be an American growing up in the 20th Century. American ritual "County Fair" based on 1969 Flemington Fair. "In my stories the kids invariably loose." Played at Bloomfied College last Saturday where he had to introduce the home-coming queen. Plays a clip from Jean Shepherd's America - Housboat episode

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Studio / Network: WCAU-TV - Phildelphia
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October 15,1971
The Daily Pennsylvanian

Courtesy: Steve Glazer