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Last Update: 04-26-2015

Close Up

"Portrait of Lenny"

April 21, 1963

Ottawa Journal TV Listing - April 20, 1963 Bruce, often called a "sick" comedian, is interviewed by New York reporter Nat Hentoff. Bruce talks, plays the piano, and dances during a half hour intimate look at himself. Comments about the comic are given by three well-known critics - Malcolm Muggeridge and Kenneth Tynan of London and Jean Shepherd, a broadcaster in New York City. (NOTE: Original listing had Shep's first name as 'Gene')

Production Information:
Studio / Network: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
Asst Director:
Executive Producer:
Running Time:

April 21,1963
Description of the interview from a book about Lenny Bruce published well after his death. (Dated incorrectly as 1964)

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

April 21,1963
Description from Canadian website

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

April 21,1963
Ottawa Journal

Courtesy: Steve Glazer