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Last Update: 06-07-2020

New Jersey News: Special Report

Jean Shepherd Spins a Tale

January 11, 1977

For a unique visit with one of America 's greatest storytellers, watch a ''Conversation with Jean Shepherd" on ''New Jersey News: Special Report'' Tuesday, Jan. 11 at 9:30 P.M. on New Jersey Public Television channel 50. NJPTV entertainnient critic Ellen Wexler will conduct the half-hour interview with America's modern-day Mark Twain as he expounds on such topics as politics, Jimmy Carter and the new year, his best-selling novels, the Garden State and his ideas on what he calls "the watchers and the doers - the winners and the losers."

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Studio / Network: NJPTV Channel 50
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January 11,1977
Montclair Times

Courtesy: Steve Glazer