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Last Update: 09-24-2023
Summit High School

A Funny Evening With Jean Shepherd


October 20, 1986

Like Princeton University, Shep made an annual appearance at Summit Senior High School. 1986 was the 2nd year he appeared. Biology class - disecting frogs Planned this show because it was the only night there would be no World Series game NY Mets are the Metropolitans - that's like the NJ Sophisticates! Growing up with the White Sox The Citgo plant where they made flit. The moquitos would come drifting down The battle of the sexes - mother and the old man Standing around the sink where Mrs Bruner's coffee grounds would burp up through the drain. 'Aluminum rheostats' in her hair Mr Bruner came home one night at 2am and our toilet blew up Santa gets thrown out of whorehouse Car Names Warren G Harding - drunken Lincoln

October 20,1986

Courtesy: William Welsch

October 11,1986
Summit Herald

Courtesy: Steve Glazer