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Last Update: 05-24-2015
January 19, 1975


If Catfish Is Worth So Much, What Would Ted Williams Get?

The recent Catfish Hunter spectacle is going to be one of those things that people 20 years from now will write about with wonder and disbelief. Watching any TV newscast these days has all the surreal overtones of running a couple of thousand feet of Federico Fellini's out-takes on your own moviola. Senator Proxmire's face appears: stern, puritanical, unsmiling. He speaks briefly of introducing a bill to do away with chauffeured limousines for every Governmeat official except possibly the President and the Secretary of State. We are in perilous financial times, he barks, and the times call for strong measures. He disappears...

Copyright: 1975 The New York Times


January 19,1975
NY Times

Courtesy: Gene Bergmann

January 25,1975
Chicago Times

Courtesy: Steve Glazer