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August 1, 1956


Onward and Upward For Nothing-Heads
Hi-Fi on the Road: II

Since we realize what a great feeling it is to be part of man's climb ever upward and onward, we thought you might be interested in a few notes regarding certain unimportant developments during the progress of The Climb. Most of us are just tagging along on the trip, but that has been true throughout history. The route of The Climb has been dotted with billions of anonymous free-bees such as you and me who have limped along with the crowd, glomming onto what we could and hoping for the best but mostly suspecting the worst. We're not exactly soreheads since we really haven't much to be sore about, and could probably best be described as "nothing-heads," meaning neither wildly ecstatic about the state of man nor notably alarmed about it, but, as I said, sort of just going along for the ride. Of course, "nothing-heads" could mean several things other than that, but that would be unkind and I wouldn't want to be unkind. Especially to me...

Copyright: 1956 The Village Voice

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