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September 1964


Grover Dill And The Tasmanian Devil
out of the darkness screamed the fanged and maniacal carnivore that lurks in each of us- At age thirteen

The male human animal, skulking through the impenetrable, fetid jungle of kidhood, learns early in the game just what sort of animal he is. The jungle he stalks is a howling tangled wilderness, infested with crawling, flying, leaping, nameless dangers. There are occasional brilliant patches of passionate orchids and other sweet flowers and succulent fruits, but they are rare. He daily does battle with horrors and emotions that he will spend the rest of his life trying to forget or suppress. Or recapture...

Additional Comments:
This story was reprinted in the book "In God We Trust - All Others Pay Cash", was used in the movie "My Summer Story" and was used in the textbook "Patterns in Literature" Portions were also used in "A Christmas Story" such as the bully fight and repercussions.

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