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July 1965


Ludlow Kissel And The Dago Bomb That Struck Back
the bedazzled eyeball, the numbed eardrum, the scorched psyche, the pyrotechnic sport shirt - all played an unforgettable role in celebrating that glorious fourth in hammond, Indiana

I THREADED MY WAY through the midtown, midday sidewalk traffic that eddied and surged over and around the clutter of construction paraphernalia. It was desperately hot. My wash-and-wear suit clung to me like some rancid, scratchy extension of my clammy skin. All around me New York was busily, roaringly, endlessly rebuilding itself, like some giant phoenix rising from the red-hot ashes of its dead self. New York's incurable Edifice Complex blooms mightily in midsummer...

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July 1965
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