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September 5, 1956


Jazz It Up, Charlie

"YOU got a pretty fair script, Charlie, but you got to jazz it up and make it tighter. Pull it together. Make it sing. It's got to move, man, if you really want a decent rating." Poor Charlie. His rating is down. But it isn't hopeless yet. A few more visits to the Life-Programming Clinic and a couple more profiles by the Life Creative Idea Department and Charlie's rating is bound to go up. The year is 1974 and Charlie is worried. His Life-Trendex Rating has been dropping slowly for some time now. At first he ignored it. Then he began to explain it away with the usual drivel about "normal summer-audience drop-off," but he couldn't fool himself for long. Damn those ratings!! ...

Copyright: 1956 The Village Voice

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September 05,1956
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