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September 1969


County Fair!

I STRUGGLED FRANTICALLY to my feet, spilling Diet Pepsi over the front of my brocade smoking jacket as I fl ailed about. There wasn't a second to lose. Lurching forward, grasping for the knob, I fell heavily over the coffee table. On hands and knees, I scrambled forward, hoping to kill the TV set before it was too late. With a groan, I realized that once again, I had lost. The late-Iate-movie curse had struck again. I sat back to accept my fate...

Additional Comments:
This story was reprinted in the book "Wanda Hickey's Night of Golden Memories And Other Disasters" and was Slice 6 of his taped collection "Shepherd's Pie" According to Shep this story was based on a trip he took to the Flemington Fair in New Jersey

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