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December 1976


A Bicentennial Odyssey
In Search of the Jolly Green Giant

"Ole buddy, there's a big ole Smokey in the weeds takin' pictures at Mile 87. You copy?" "Ten-four, ole buddy. And there goes another Smokey goin' west, a County Mountie. They are out there!" "That's a four. What'd you say your handle was?" "You got the Powerful Polack here." "Preachin' Padre here. That's the handle, good buddy. Drivin' a fourwheeler outta Council Bluffs headin' to Rock Island." "You a preacher, good buddy?" "A big affirmative on that. My flock calls me the Channel 19 Preacher." The Johnson CB on the floor under my feet crackled and whined, and I knew that at last I was within touching and smelling distance of the great American heartland. A fundamentalist preacher on CB, warning the good buddies that the Smokeys were out. Was he pro-sin or just anti-Smokey? Only in America could there be over 10 million voices on the air night and day, warning each other of the stealthy approach of law and order. As I rolled along in the sunshine, my mind went back through what seemed like centuries to the day that this wild trip had begun. . .

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December 1976
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December 1976
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December 1976
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