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June 1972


Please Reverse This Tape

Los Angeles (AP)-Herman Detweiler's wife never stops nagging him And he loves it. "Your engine is overheating." "Check your radiator. I see steam." "DO something." Herman uses recordings of his wife's griping hooked up to various gauges in his van and whenever something starts to go , wrong, it's gripe, gripe, gripe, gripe. Even. when he gets out of the vehicle, his sweet wife's nagging can follow him. "You forgot to turn off the headlights. Come back! You forgot to turn off the headlights." He has pre-recorded tapes wired to existing warning gauges in the car and when a gauge hits a certain level-instant nag. Herman's prototype auto-nag also includes prerecorded shrieks about unfastened seat belts and being low on gas. . .

Copyright: 1972 Car and Driver