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July 1972


The Gang That Knew How To Shoot Real Good

Dear Mr. Ford; I thought I'd let you know that I sure like your Ford cars. I use them on all my jobs because they sure have plenty of pickup and they don't break down. You can use this in an ad if you want to. Sincerely, J. Dillinger The above letter was recently found in the decades-old files of the Ford Motor Company by a researcher doing a study on the company. There is no record of any reply from Henry, but it is a safe bet that the old man appreciated hearing from John, since Dillinger, at the time, was a widely publicized Ford fan, and notably successful at that. Unfortunately, Ford never ran the ad, which no doubt hurt Dillinger's feelings since he occasionally used Hudson,s thereafter. But when I heard of the Dillinger letter, a spectacular moment in the Used Car world came back to me in all its pungency. Stony Island Avenue on the South Side of Chicago was a kind of Vatican for used car buyers and dealers - one lot after the other, cheek-by-jowl, the sharks waited in the sunshine for the minnows to come out into the deep water to play. . .

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