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Last Update: 12-31-2011
November 5, 1958


Trouble in Beirut? Not Before Dinner

The Hotel St. Georges in Beirut makes the Plaza seem like the railroad YMCA in Youngstown, Ohio. Not from the standpoint of creature compforts, although there sure a hell are those too, but in the intangible qualities of slightly decadent traditional regal condescension. The moment I walked up to the desk clerk in the lobby and he had looked clearly through me, examining my breeding and bank balance on the way, I knew that I was home free. I had felt this same gimlet, the non-committal stare, plenty of places before, and all of a sudden the mysterious East was no longer quite as inscrutable as it had been. He spoke to me in a clear clean voive which sported a peculiar liquid accent that would have bee worth a fortune in class B spy movies...

Copyright: 1958, The Village Voice

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