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Last Update: 02-09-2017
March 1973


Folklore of the U.S.

"Yep, I tell you it's a fact. My cousin has a good friend works down at the foundry who knows the guy what it happened to. This guy goes out and buys a new Whoopeemobile, see, with the works-loaded-air and everything. Well, he's the kind of guy that babies a car, y'know, never a scratch on it. Keeps it in the garage and changes oil like every BOO miles. A real nut on keepin' his car up. Well, from the day he drives out of the showroom he notices he's got this rattle back around the left rear wheel . . sort of in front of the wheel, y'know what I mean? It never did it steady. Just clunked every once in a while. Well, he takes her back on the warranty and they can't find nothin', but the car keeps clunking. So this goes on for maybe two years until finally the guy is almost out of his bird with the thumping. Finally he takes it to a body shop and they really tear it down. Take the side panels off and everything. And, by God, I'll bet you wouldn't guess what they find." . . .

Copyright: 1973 Car and Driver