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Columns / Short Stories
Shep was always writing. . .

Last Update: 02-16-2017
August 1974


Seat Belt Buzzers

You never know when someone's Great Idea is gonna rear back and hit you . . . as, inevitably, it will. The other day, on the barren concrete parking area of a Connecticut shopping center. was my turn. I was in a hurry as I hopped behind the wheel of a borrowed new Datsun station wagon. My companion, a smoldering female of mercurial temperament, slid into the passenger seat For better or worse, it is a world-wide characteristic of males. when behind a steering wheel and accompanied by a nubile female, to strive for maximum dash and elan. I have seen this phenomenon all over the world, so I have to conclude it is a universal characteristic of the Male of the species, like baldness or the tendency to enjoy striking small balls with sticks. . .

Copyright: 1974 Car and Driver