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Columns / Short Stories
Shep was always writing. . .

Last Update: 02-16-2017
October 1974


Slobbus Americanus

"I give up. I just can't understan' what's gain' on these days." "What do you mean, Fat Herbie?" I asked. After all, Fat Herbie is my infallible pipeline for information on what is being thought and said in the Slob World. Herbie is a bonafide, card-carrying slob who happens to drive a taxi in Manhattan. "Well, I had this here day off, so I decided to treat Ethel an' the kids to dinner out like they say ya should on the TV. Anyways, we go out to my favorite McDonald's on the Island off the Southern State. An' you wouldn't guess what happened." . . .

Copyright: 1974 Car and Driver