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Last Update: 02-18-2017
January 1975


The latest status symbol: a faded price sticker.

One of the more curious practices of our time is the habit some people have of keeping that official price sticker on their car long after the chrome has begun to pit and the paint is dulled and blistered. This is a fetish that I find oddly revolting, but I can't quite figure out why. After all, if some yahoo wants to go around and continually inform the wortd that he paid $69.75 for undercoating, $489.50 for air conditioning and $42.16 for rear bumper guards, who am I to deny him his doltish pleasures? Let's face it, the outlay that his pretentious piece of junk represents is probably damn near his yearly salary, and he wants to let other fools know that they are not alone. Maybe if they added the amount of cabbage required by the monthly payment in reclleners on the sticker, he might be less likely to flaunt it. . .

Copyright: 1975 Car and Driver