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Shep leaves to visit the headhunters of Peru

September 8, 1965

Shep leaves on trip to the Amazon
Additional Comments:
The Shopra Indians live in small family units, not in a village. They are all strong muscular people. "Burning a monkey" - One of their chief meals is monkey meat. The native drink is a yellowing vaugely alcoholic liquid which they drink after every meal. Living in the jungle is a full time occupation. The day starts about an hour before dawn. Hunting is dangerous and difficult. The Jaguar is a real threat along with the anaconda. Shep performs with the Jews Harp, Kazoo, and Nose flute, and they wind up playing in a duet. The Chief says they are the first people to come to paticipate with the tribe. They loved being entertained. Lee Chamberlain - Luden's rep Sol Potemkin - photographer Doris Cox - Translator Tariri - Chief of the tribe Arushba (sp?) Chief's son
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