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Ollie Hopnoodle's Haven of Bliss
August 6, 1988
"Ollie Hopnoodle's Haven Of Biiss", recounts the hilarious adventures of 14-year-o1d RaIph, his k i d brother Randy and their parents ('The Old Man', and 'Mom' ) as they hit the highway to partake of a typtcally American rite - the annual vacation at the lake.
Shooting Locations in Texas: Cedar Hill, Hutchins, Lancaster, DeSoto, Duncanville, Waxahachie, North and South Dallas. April 1988. Bloopers: 1 The lost dog poster for Fuzzhead has the all numerical phone numbers that started in the early sixties. They used to be alpha-numerical such as "ME2-3437" instead of 632-3437 2 After the Old Man makes a U-Turn to chase after the Rolls with Fuzzhead, one of the cars seen making a right turn is a 1978-80 Chevrolet Malibu Classic. 3 Near the end when they are stopped waiting for a train to pass, the caboose on the train is Burlington Northern which wasn't formed until 1971.

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Studio / Network: Made for TV (PBS) Now a Disney Property
Director: Richard Bartlett
Asst Director: Leigh Brown
Producer: Olivia Tappan
Executive Producer: Fred Barzyk
Running Time: 100 Minutes
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• May 31, 1989 Star Ledger Review

Jean Shepherd (Narrator)

James Sikking (The "Old Man")

Jerry O'Connell (Ralphie)

Jason Clarke Adams (Randy)

Dorothy Lyman (Mom)

Ross Eldridge (Schwartz)

Cameron Johann (Flick)

Jean Shepherd (Mr Scott)

Frank T Wells (Zudoc)

Peter Gerety (Gertz)

Leslie Harrel (Mrs. Kissel)

Desmond Dhooge (Ollie)

W Clapham Murray (Archie)

Robert T Colonna (John)

John William Galt (Grannie)

Bill McDonald (Cop)

Marjorie O'Neill Butler (Clerk)

Edward Logan (Johnson)

Arnie Cox (Ace)

Dorothy Chiesa (Animal Shelter Asst)

Martin Rayner (Chauffer)

Annabelle Weenick (Colette)

Peyton Park (Gas Station Attendent)

Daphne (Fuzzhead) Shep's Dog