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Last Update: 07-31-2012
My Summer Story
September 23, 1994
Movie was originally released in the theaters as "It Runs In The Family"

Production Information: Buy It
Studio / Network: MGM
Director: Bob Clark
Asst Director:
Producer: Rene Dupont
Executive Producer:
Running Time: 85 Minutes
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January 19,1943
Dish Night at the real Orpheum

August 1994
"It Runs in the Family" - Premier Magazine Ad

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

September 23,1994

September 23,1994
Ronald Colman Gravy Boat


Mary Steenburgen (Mother)

Charles Groden (The "Old Man")

Kieran Culkin (Ralphie)

Christian Culkin (Randy)

Tedde Moore (Miss Shelds)

David Zahorsky (Schwartz)

Geoffrey Wigdor (Flick)

Al Mancini (Zudoc)

Troy Evans (Gertz)

Roy Brocksmith (Assessor)

Glenn Shadix (Leopold Doppler)

Dick O'Neill (Pulaski)

Wayne Grace (Emil Bumpus)

Whitby Hertford (Lug Ditka)

Darwyn Swalve (Big Dickie Bumpus)