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Last Update: 10-25-2016
December 26, 1971
Presents an animated musical telling the story of two monkeys who are making a Hollywood-type wide-screen epic. Canadian filmmaker Gerald Potterton utilizes extensive footage from the Soviet adventure film Dr. Abolit in his Tiki Tiki. Abolit boards a rocket with two monkeys and blasts off into space, bent on rescuing a group of monkey kids from extraterrestrial bandits. Framing the live-action storyline are a few animated cartoon sequences involving the efforts of a producer to sell his concept to an apelike movie mogul. This device works as effectively here as it did thirty years earlier in W.C. Fields' Never Give a Sucker an Even Break. As a payoff, the studio boss is revealed to be King Kong, who sees a lot of potential in a story about heroic simians. According to an article in the January 1970 issue of Business and Commercial Aviation Magazine, Shep did the voice of the Naked Blue Gorilla. Distributed by: Faroun Films One copy located at University of Adelaide Library - Adelaide, AU-SA 5005 Australia

Production Information:
Studio / Network: Potterton Productions
Director: Gerald Potterton
Asst Director:
Producer: Gerald Potterton
Executive Producer: Murray Shostak
Running Time: 71 minutes
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