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Shep lived in many places. . .

Shep was a man on the move. Not just traveling all around the world, he also lived in many different states and many different homes over the years.

Below is a listing of those places that have been confirmed.

And, yes, despite being the butt of his jokes, he did have a home in New Jersey!

1921-1927 Chicago, Illinois
1927-28 East Chicago, Indiana

East Chicago, Indiana

On 2-14-64 and the 8-6-69 shows Shep mentions living across the street from Dawn Strickland. According to records and family, Dawn lived on Beacon Street.

BUT, he also mentions living in the same apartment building as Bobby Twyman who, according to the 1920 US Census the Twymans lived in the Atlas Apartments on Forsyth Ave which later became Indianapolis Blvd.

Possible residence - Atlas Apts
1928 - 1947? Hammond, Indiana
2913 Cleveland Street
Hammond, Indiana
2907 Cleveland Street
Hammond, Indiana

For more interesting facts:

Arizona Street
Hammond, Indiana
- Mentioned on 7-10-65 show. (This is not confirmed, supposedly they moved to Arizona Street after lightning hit the Cleveland street house and Shep's Ham antenna.)
1947 to 1948/49 Covington, Kentucky
808 Madison Avenue - Covington Kentucky Apartment described on the 6-3-75 show "The Delta Queen". Lived there for a year and a half.
1948 to 1955 Cincinnati, Ohio
Reading Road

Cincinnati, Ohio (Avondale area)
Photo from 4/28/93
3440 Bishop Street

Cincinnati, Ohio (Near Univ. of Cincinnati campus)
Photo from 1948-50
Courtesy: Randall Shepherd
451 Ludlow Avenue, Apt 115

Cincinnati, Ohio
(source 1950 Fed Census)
Courtesy Steve Glazer
Current Photo
Courtesy: Steve Glazer
3136 Bracken Woods Lane

Cincinnati, Ohio (Westwood area)
Photo from 3/1/94
1951 to 1953 Wayne Pennsylvania
10-B Fairfield Apartments
Wayne, Pennsylvania
1953 to 1955 Cincinnati, Ohio
6603 Bantry Ave

Cincinnati, Ohio
3811 North Broadlawn
Cincinnati, Ohio
1955 to 1960 New Milford, New Jersey
283B Reichelt Rd
New Milford, NJ
1960 to 1977?
New York City, New York
Fall 1960 to Winter 1962/1963
1307 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY
1962 - 1967/1970
340 East 57th Street

3 room apartment he shared with his wife Lois Nettleton. She maintained the apartment until her death in 2008.
It was crammed with amateur radio equipment according to an article in the NY Post 6-3-62
Approx 1969-1970
63 E. 7th St

New York, New York
230 West 10th Street

New York, New York (Greenwich Village)
Photo from 1977
courtesy Pete Delaney
Photo from May 2003
courtesy John Wetzel
1976 - 1984/1985 Washington, New Jersey

Box 28, Buttermilk Bridge Road, RD 1, Washington, NJ 07882

Small 3 acre farm in Washington, NJ - He wrote the introduction to the book version of "Phantom of the Open Hearth" while living here.

1977 People Magazine Article
1977 to 1986 Maine
~1977 to ~1986
Cabin at Snow Pond in the Belgrade Lake region (near Waterville)
1977 to 1999 Florida
~1973 to 1984?
9 North Birch Rd - Apt 604

Condominium on the beach
Fort Lauderdale, Fla 33304
March 1,1984 to October 16, 1999
5301 Lady Finger Lake Rd

Sanibel, FL 33957