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2907 Cleveland Street
The house where Shep grew up

Emde - Shepherd - Bruner
Courtesy: Rich Badagliacca
For over 20 years Shep told stories of childhood events. Along with the Steel Mill, the house on Cleveland Street were constantly referred to in these. He even mentioned the neighbors on each side, The Bruners whose coffee grounds always found their way coughing up into the Shepherd's kitchen sink, and the mysterious Emde house which Shep described the building of on his May 5, 1966 show - "Emde's Folly"


2913 Cleveland
Courtesy: Nick Mantis
Shep standing in front of 2913
Courtesy: Randall Shepherd
Although it has been widely accepted that Shep spent his childhood at 2907 Cleveland St, it is a fact that he lived at 2913 from sometime in 1928 to 1935 or prior. The 1930 US Census lists the house number as 1421 and was rented by Shep's parents for $40 per month. In the next year the postal service had renumbered the houses and 1421 became 2913. 2907 was formorly 1417.  The two houses are separated by 2911 (1419) in which the Bruner family lived. The 1931 Hammond directory shows Shep's address is 2913 (1421) Cleveland Street. The 1935 Directory shows them living at 2907 indicating a move for some reason.

The 1940 US Census, shows at some point the Bruner family moved to 6549 Arkansas Avenue and confirms that the Shepherds had moved from 2913 to 2907. The photo on the left and some other photos confirm this with Shep standing in front of 2913.

Still in the attic of the house at 2907 are Shep's and his brother Randy's 'autographs'
"17 yrs. old. Jean Shepherd. 2/18/39,"
"15 yrs. old. Randall Shepherd. 2/28/39"


Photo's Courtesy of Brian Pearson

(L-R) Emde, Shepherd, Bruner

Shepherd, Bruner

Emde, Shepherd
The Shepherd house on Cleveland St. 3 shots in all the 1st shot was taken from a circular portion of Cleveland St. No doubt a few feet from where I took this shot, Lud Kissel ignited his dago bomb.
(Note "Emde's Folly" to the left behind the stop sign.

Christmas Eve 2002
Photos Courtesy of Rich Badagliacca

Emde, Shepherd, Bruner

The real  "Back Alley"
at Cleveland Street

Photos Courtesy of Steve Farkas

November 2001
Photos Courtesy of Robert J Slaney - Port Washington NY

Shep's House
July 12, 2016

The 'Back Alley'
July 12, 2016