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Jean Shepherd Reads Poems of Robert Service

Jean Shepherd
Album Title: Jean Shepherd Reads Poems of Robert Service
Publisher: Folkways Records And Services Corp
Date Released: 1975
Album / Record#: FL-9754
Produced by Leigh Brown Mastered by Herbert Squires The album cover is one of those double album covers that open up. So essentially it had 4 sides. The first side is the front cover. The left hand side inside is actually what you would expect to see on the back. The right side inside was blank, but contained a pouch for a printed insert which had the text of the Service poems. The final back cover is actually blank. There are apparently 2 versions of the album. On is the four sided version described above and the second being just a two sided album with an 8 page insert of the poem text. In the notes on page 8 of the insert, it is mentioned "His teleplay. THE GREAT INVERTED BOWL OF DARKNESS was selected for production by Public Broadcasting Service for its series devoted to original works by American Playwrights." This was actually released as "The Phantom of the open Hearth".

1 - The Ballad of Pious Pete 2 - The Baldness of Chewed Ear 3 - The Parson's Son 4 - The Sceptic 5 - The Shooting of Dan McGrew 6 - The Cremation of Sam McGee 7 - Hard Luck Henry 8 - The Pines 9 - Ambition 10 - The Low Down White 11 - The Ballad of Blasphemous Bill
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Ref to orig title of Phantom of the Open Hearth - Rob't Service Album notes.

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