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Last Update: 06-19-2019
An early fast food chain, Nedick's began in New York City around 1913-1920 and expanded in the '50s to other states up and down the East coast. It went out of business around 1981 after being overcome by the larger national fast food chains. Sometime in 1957 Jean Shepherd conducted a Nedick's jingle contest. On one surviving piece of a show show from 1957 he discussed a meeting with the vice presidents: . . . and he said, what is it - - - Shepherd? What's the matter? Aren't you an artist? And naturally I bridled at that. Not only an artist but a gentleman and an old Nedicks customer from way back - they kept me alive through one of the darkest years of my whole career - and he said "Well come on, let's hear it." And so all these assembled vice presidents are standing around, he says "come on, I want you to sing it. Now sing it out Shepherd." And so the guy hit the "A" on the piano there and I went "Nedicks Smedics Double Beadicks, Pipkins all agree. . .the pinch - (chuckle)" And - and - and all these guys were sitting and looking at me and they take this seriously - they're all sitting there with their iron hats on and one guy nudges the other guy and says "Are we spending dough for this?" And the other guy says "No they're doing it free." And I says - "NO, OH NO - I getting dough for this." I'm not going to let, you know (? Not distinguisable) begin to sneak in on me. He says, "You mean you're paying this guy for this - he can't even sing." And so they hit another "A" and I tried it again "Nedicks Smedics Double Bedicks, Pipkins all - aw gee (chuckle) what you have to do to sell hot dogs these days!" The contest was held and the winner was Barry Buehler - the "Bayside Baron" who was designated "Admiral of the Orange Seas" awarded $100, and given a card for free orange juice. This was at the Times Square Nedicks location. The Jingle: Nedicks Smedicks Double Bedicks, Pipkins all agree, Orens Frankens Goodens Eatens, Wholesome as can be. In later years Shep sang the jingle either on one of his shows or doing an interview - anyone remember the event?
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