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Family, Friends, Teachers, etc.

Last Update: 02-16-2013

Miriam L. Bundy

aka: Miss Bundy

Teacher - Kindergarten

Shep's Kindergarten teacher in Chicago. He often referred to her in his stories on the radio.
Fan Comments
[ Courtesy: Steve Glazer - 02-16-2013 ]
"Miss Miriam L. Bundy -- born in Illinois in about 1902 -- attended Chicago Normal College (now Chicago State University), graduating in about 1924. She taught for many years at Paul Revere Elementary School on Chicago's South Side at 7145 Ellis Avenue, not far from where she lived. Miss Bundy was still teaching at Revere as of 1957."
Additional Comments:
[April 18, 1961 show] Miss Bundy organized hikes and clean-up days. Mr Spencer was principal at the school. Miss Bundy was to operate projector to show a safety movie. When the movie is over and the lights go back on there is a 6 foot pile of film on the floor behind the projector. She was Miss Robinettes understudy. Miss Bundy was a Kindergarten teacher. Shep is in the Army and gets paper from home and reads Miss Bundy has died at the age of 67. [Sep 13, 1969 show] The first day in Kindergarten in McKinley school. (In fact, at the time of Kindergarten Shep was living in Chicago and attended a different school) 'A big fat lady in a purple dress with glasses' - Shep's first memory of Miss Bundy! And shortly later he met a little boy named Schwartz and other kids named named Helen Weathers, Esther Jane, and Flick. He soon finds himself falling behind in school - over his own name! Miss Bundy insists his name is short for Eugene.
Where Shep Made Reference To This Subject:

Miss Bundy - Chicago Normal College Yearbook

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

March 07,1940
Southeast Economist Article

Courtesy: Steve Glazer