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Last Update: 09-02-2015

Frederick Frank Herman Von Beulwitz

aka: Uncle Fred

Shep's Uncle

Married to Aunt Theresa
Fan Comments
[ Courtesy: Steve Glazer - 09-02-2015 ]
Theresa Marie ("Aunt Theresa") Heinrichs (1894-1993): Married to Frederick Frank Herman ("Uncle Fred") Von Beulwitz (1894-1969), who worked as a machinist. They had Warren Parker (1921-1930) and Donald Frederick (1927-2003). Curiously, Shep (as well as his father, of course) has the same middle name ("Parker") as cousin Warren Von Beulwitz. It is also the surname of Shep's fictional family in "A Christmas Story." In a 1960 radio broadcast, Shep mentioned Aunt Theresa's Jell-O molds and Uncle Fred being henpecked.
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