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Last Update: 09-06-2015
1940 Dunes Yearbook

Stuart Wardell Matson

aka: Mr. Matson

Teacher - Hammond High

High School Algebra and Physics
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[ Courtesy: Steve Glazer - 09-06-2015 ]
Stewart Wardell Matson -- born in Chicago on September 7, 1903, to Samuel Matson and Sylda Christina Kittleson, both natives of Norway -- was living in Chicago in 1930 with his wife of two years, Margaret. He was then employed as a serviceman for a refrigerator company, although he had probably already received his four-year college degree. By the mid 1930s, the Matsons moved to Jackson Avenue in Hammond, where they started a family, and Stewart joined the faculty of Hammond High School as a physics teacher. Within a few years, the Matsons and their three young children (Stewart Jr., Donald, and Marjorie) had moved to larger homes in town. By the end of the 1940 academic year, the family -- along with Sylda Matson, Stewart's recently widowed mother -- settled in La Mesa (San Diego County), California, where Stewart had obtained a new high-school teaching position. By the conclusion of the war, Stewart joined the expanding faculty of San Diego State College, where he was a physics and mathematics instructor. Stewart Matson passed away in San Diego on April 28, 1958.

January 11,1936
Hammond Times article about Stewart Jr

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

Matson at four years - HHS yearbook

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

San Diego State College photo of Mr. Matson

Courtesy: Steve Glazer