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Last Update: 02-19-2013

Glen Jean Shepherd

aka: Glen Shepherd

Shep's half brother

July 29, 1952 - Feb 1, 1974 Palm Beach Florida
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[ Courtesy: Steve Glazer - 02-19-2013 ]
Glen Jean Shepherd, Shep's half brother, was born on July 29, 1952, in Florida, where he was raised. He was the son of Shep's Old Man and his second wife, Aline A. ("Alice") Huebner. Glen died at age 21 on February 1, 1974, while living at 5009 Garden Avenue in West Palm Beach, Florida. His obituary indicated his uncle (Max Huebner, Aline's brother) was his only surviving blood relative. No mention was made of his famous -- and much older -- half brother, Jean Shepherd, nor of his other half brother, Randall.

February 05,1974
Palm Beach Post Obituary

Courtesy: Steve Glazer