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Hell Bound Train
Shep often talked about trains and read poetry. Several times over the years he read the poem "Hell Bound Train" to the sounds of trains chugging in the background. Hell Bound Train Anonymous A bum fell down on a bar room floor, Having drunk so much he could drink no more. Asleep he lay with a screaming brain, Dreaming he rode on a hell-bound train. An eerie glow from a brimstone lamp, Shot fear through the heart of the drunken tramp. Within the engine came thousands of groans, As a demon fed it dying mens bones. Satan was the trains engineer, Whose imps filled the boiler with rot-gut beer. The passengers were a motley crew, Church member, Atheist, Gentile and Jew. There were rich men in silks, beggars in rags, Beautiful young girls, and withered old hags. Black men and brown, mixed and white, All chained together what a terrible sight. The drunkards train flew at an awful pace, Into heat that scorched skin from his hands and face. As the scenery grew wilder he heard a hideous yell, Welcome suckers, you are now entering hell. Together the damned shrieked in pain, Begging old Nick to stop the train. But he just danced about and sang with glee, While laughing and joking at their agony. The oldest to the youngest knew, for sin they must pay, And that all would be damned this horrible day. You, bullied the weak, robbed the poor, And drove the starving from your door. You put your wealth to rot and rust, In gold and silver and beastly lust. You laughed at justice and corruption was sown, Then deafened your ear to the poor mans moan. You rioted, murdered, divorced and lied, Then mocked Sweet Christ Jesus in your hell-bound pride. Now it's time to get your hire, Eternity fool, in the Lake of Fire. Your flesh will roast in flames that roar, And a worm will eat your body for ever more. Shaking with fear and wet with sweat, The drunk awoke from the dream he would never forget. He cried "Christ Jesus, save me from the doom of the damned, Heal me with a touch from your nail pierced hand." Listen sinner, live no more in vain, Repent or you too will ride, the hell-bound train.
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