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Last Update: 03-24-2022
Mc Kinley Elementary School
McKinley School The question is where did he spend the rest of Kindergarten and 1st Grade? It appears he attended McKinley Elementary before finally settling in at Warren G. Harding. One of the teachers he claimed as his 1st grade teacher was Miss Meno, who lived in East Chicago which creates the possibility that Shep attended McKinley for possibly the balance of Kindergarten and 1st Grade. Shep refers to a Miss Parke as another first grade teacher. There was a Miss Parke teaching in Hammond around that time - are they one and the same? Did Miss Parke start at McKinley and teach Shep and then move to the newly opened Harding shortly after? McKinley School in East Chicago and Harding in Hammond are not that far apart. Did Shep attend school at McKinley for the balance of Kindergarten and 1st grade and live in East Chicago for a brief time? There was a show on which Shep talked about moving a short distance 'in the middle of the night' - could this have been the move?

McKinley School

Courtesy: Steve Glazer