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Last Update: 04-23-2022
Indiana University
It is unclear if he attended the University prior to his Army stint, however, the University seems to confirm he attended there from 1949-50 in the bio provided during the awarding of his Doctorate in 1995. "He returned to his native soil to study engineering and psychology at the Indiana University Calumet Center in 1949 and 1950." Seeming to confirm this: "After the war, on the GI Bill, he studied acting at the Goodman Theater School in Chicago and engineering and psychology at Indiana University. In 1949 he left Indiana University, without a degree, to take a job at radio station WSAI in Cincinnati, Ohio." - Current Biography Yearbook 1984 "Prior to World War II, while attending Indiana University, I jobbed around my native heath accompanied by a somewhat eroded bass fiddle which provided a means of attaining social success as well as tuition. After a three-year stint in the Signal Corps where I was kept in the lowly rank of corporal by jealous commanding officers, I was discharged by a grateful country and was free again to plague entertainment-loving radio listeners." - Audio Magazine - March 1956)