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D Robertson
Halifax, N.S., Canada, Canada
Joined: July 02, 2001
Shep fan since: 1968
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Guest No: 620
Dennis Missett
Hamilton Ontario, Canada
Joined: February 02, 2003
Shep fan since: 1971
Discovered Shep:
Read one of his books
Guest No: 796
Great site Jim. Full of information on the man himself rather than his media persona. I always suspected that Shep had a darker side to him much as other great wits like Twain & Groucho Marx. And not suffering fools gladly seems to almost be a pre-requisite for observational, common man type of humor. I always wondered whether his advice to Jim Broderick about playing the Old Man as someone who would eventually run out on the family was autobiographical. Now I know.
Rochelle Bolton
Puce, Canada
Joined: December 27, 2007
Shep fan since: 2003
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Read one of his books
Guest No: 2663
Hello, I'm afraid you don't have Canada on here so I listed Michigan as my home state, actually I live in Ontario, Canada. I just discovered Jean Shepherd and I'm now on the hunt for his books - can't wait to read them all - I'm listening to one of his recordings as I type "Red Ryder", what a treat and treasure to find online!!