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Bill Digel
, Delaware
Joined: March 30, 2006
Shep fan since: 1956
Discovered Shep:
On the Radio
Guest No: 1630
I listened to Shep for many years. When I lived in southeastern Pa., I erected a large FM antenna with a rotator so I could get N. Y. stations and hear Shep on FM, as well as Philadelphia stations. In the '60s, I sent him an original Johnson Smith catalog, and he did a show about it, quoting from my cover letter. It was a great evening.
Gordon Saltzman
Newark, Delaware
Joined: November 16, 2001
Shep fan since: 1964
Discovered Shep:

Guest No: 734
Karin Katherina Kreuzhuber
Salzburg/Austria, Delaware
Joined: January 10, 2006
Shep fan since: 2003
Discovered Shep:
On the Radio
Guest No: 1603
Hallo From Austria/Salzburg!! I m Karin Kreuzhuber and my Englisch is not very good!SORRY :-))I was a Nanny in 1991/92 in Wilmington DE and my 2 Boys Name was TED TREVORROW and GREGORY Trevorrow.I cant find his Adress and Phone Nummer anymore, but i chekt your Side and i find something with TED TREVORROW!!And i know there Grandmom was from New Jersey!!Maybe it`s my TED TREVORROW?Can you PLEASE find out this for me and Contakt me?Sorry i dont know what "SHEPHERD are, but i hop this is not a big problem!!:-) My Mailadress is: I hope you can read my Englisch...but i tried my best!Maybe there moved to a nother City or something.Ted gratuated in Brandywine High School an is a Footballplayer and wrestler.His Mom is Sally Ann Retzko and his Dad Is Edward Trevorrow!!THANK YOUR VERY MUCH!!!Sincerly from the very nice Salzburg!Your`s KARIN
Peter Johnson
Westbrook, Delaware
Joined: September 19, 2004
Shep fan since: 1958
Discovered Shep:
On the Radio
Guest No: 1320
Great stuff! Where can I find tapes, cds, dvds of movies, tv and other perfomances? I have his four books, many Playboy articles, two albums and some odd homemade radio show tapes and posters. I had the George Ade anthology with Shep's intrduction but I loaned it out never to be returned! I have been unable to find it since. Any ideas? Pete.
Roger Walck
Wilmington, Delaware
Joined: October 21, 2000
Shep fan since: 1952
Discovered Shep:

Guest No: 269
Steve Cook
Wilmington, Delaware
Joined: November 19, 2006
Shep fan since: 1965
Discovered Shep:
Read his Playboy short stories
Guest No: 1825
My Dad had me read "Grover Dill" when it first appeared in Playboy and I became hooked. As a kid that had been chased by bullies through the school yard, this was a man whose story resonated deeply inside of me. I read Shep stories in Playboy for as long as I could afterwards and found his books here and there over the years. Some of the playboy Army stories I've never seen published in any other venue. After reading Stanley Elkin's book "The Dick Gibson Show" I bought a radio with my my college graduation money and became turned on to WOR. I listened to it daily throughout the early 70s when I was in Grad school. Barry Farber, Bob and Ray and other shows were great, but the 9 PM Shep broadcast was always perfect nightcap. I was saddened when Shep died, but I got a kick out of going through a ride at Disney World. I discovered that the narrating anamatron's voice was none other than Sheps. I'm really happy that I can still get my Shep fix on where a new podcast can be downloaded daily the Brass Figlagee website.