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lloyd talbert
ankeny, Iowa
Joined: December 02, 2005
Shep fan since: 1987
Discovered Shep:
Saw One of His Movies
Guest No: 1520
I would like to see 4th of july again.
mick elliott
Bettendorf, Iowa
Joined: September 18, 2004
Shep fan since: 1972
Discovered Shep:
Read his Playboy short stories
Guest No: 1319
Yeah, I found Jean Shephard though a story in "Playboy". It was called and was the basis for the film "A Chritmas story". It was a story about youthful innocence . Coincidently, at age 17, a was a youth full of.., well, I was 17 and fipping through a "Playboy"- figure it out. I wish I now knew who the illustrater was as well as the Headline/teaser writer. Thats's why I started reading. Reading. Reading that 1st paragragh- Hell, reading the 1st sentence was probably enough. Sold. Solid. There. But then there's the voice. Now I can't remember (or re-read) that lil' story I firsy devoured in "Playboy" without it being played back in Jean Sherphard's voice. Thank you, Jean.
Geoff Schofield
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Joined: February 08, 2007
Shep fan since: 1974
Discovered Shep:
Saw his TV show
Guest No: 1927
Our family first discovered Shep while watching "Jean Shepherds America" on PBS one evening in 1974. I had the pleasure of seeing Shep perform live at the Rochester Institute of Technology that spring, and again in Colorado Springs on April Fools day in 1985. Over the years my brother and dad and I have shared a lot of fond memories of those days listening to Shep winding a story about his old man or Shep's fellow classmates at Warren G. Harding school! My favorite story: How the 'ol man personally caused the White Sox to lose the ball game against the HATED New York Yankees!
Paula & Walt Glade
Council Bluffs, Iowa
Joined: April 17, 2000
Shep fan since: 1982
Discovered Shep:

Guest No: 90
Carolyn Boyce
Fairfield, Iowa
Joined: October 12, 2008
Shep fan since: 1959
Discovered Shep:
On the Radio
Guest No: 2783
I can remember the Jean Shepherd theme song announcing "off to the races" almost every night as I was growing up. My father was a devoted fan. I think his show was on all night and then the time being changed to late night. I also remember Shepherd telling people to go to their windows and yell outside and the great book spoof (I Libertine). In retrospect I think that Jean Shepherd was a major influence on my larger perspective on life. If you listened to him early enough and long enough not only were you entertained, but you were changed. I was very gratified to see that Jerry Seinfeld named his last child "Shepherd". A fitting tribute to one of the greatest entertainers and minds of our time.
Hilary Behrens
Iowa City, Iowa
Joined: December 09, 2003
Shep fan since: 1985
Discovered Shep:
Saw One of His Movies
Guest No: 1118
Eric R.
West Des Moines, Iowa
Joined: June 01, 2001
Shep fan since: 1999
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Guest No: 589
Neil Salowitz
West Des Moines, Iowa
Joined: May 05, 2003
Shep fan since: 1965
Discovered Shep:
On the Radio
Guest No: 961
I can't believe this! What a great thing to find this site, and other ShepHeads! I was one of those kids with the six-transistor radio under the covers in the sixties, listening to Shep via WOR. (I lived in Connecticut at the time, and WOR came in with just the touch of hiss and static that made Shep's stories even more exciting.) I've missed his voice...both the sound, and what it said to me. Shep was one of those people who had a profound influence in my life. I'm a professional storyteller because of him. I'm a ham radio operator because of him. I'm a happier person because of his stories. I'll be back to this site often.