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West Virginia
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Roy Summers
, West Virginia
Joined: March 22, 2004
Shep fan since: 1989
Discovered Shep:
Saw One of His Movies
Guest No: 838
Do they ever show Ollie Hopnoodle's Haven of Bliss on Disney or any preium channel any more. I haven't noticed but I wonder if it is in syndication on cable channels, pbs or locals? I haven't seen this movie before and I have never saw it on dish network before unless I missed it because I didn't know the excate name of the sequel that was made for pbs.
Howie Fromkin
Bluefield, West Virginia
Joined: August 31, 2000
Shep fan since: 1966
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Guest No: 172
Ted Williams
Huntington, West Virginia
Joined: September 03, 2002
Shep fan since: 1967
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Guest No: 778
Jeffrey Casaly
Inwood, West Virginia
Joined: December 20, 2004
Shep fan since: 1964
Discovered Shep:
On the Radio
Guest No: 1389
1964 is a guess. Like most people, I stumbled on him on WOR one night, and was instantly hooked. I listened to him faithfully for about 5 years, and then went on to college, the Navy, etc, and hadn't heard him, until recently, in about 30 or 35 years. It is a godsend to be able to hear his radio shows again, and to be able to enjoy listening to Shep again in my 50's. Yesterday, I followed the link to the Museum of Broadcast Communications, and spent $15 to join, mainly to help vote Shep into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2005. I think it is a disgrace that he is not there already. This is long overdue, and needs to be rectified immediately, even if it is, regretfully, posthumously.
Bob Kapinos
Ona, West Virginia
Joined: November 20, 2000
Shep fan since: 1960
Discovered Shep:

Guest No: 301
John Joseph
Poca, West Virginia
Joined: March 21, 2004
Shep fan since: 1965
Discovered Shep:
On the Radio
Guest No: 836
I can date my first exposure to Shep as 12/24/1965 and his reading of Rattling Home for Christmas when I was 15. I was in bed tuning around on my Sony 8 Transistor radio, a gift from my Grandfather who had passed away a couple of years earlier when I hear "it". I haven't been the same since. I didn't realize it was a regularly scheduled show until a couple of weeks later when I heard Shep again, this time reading Robert Service. My sone gave me me 746 of Shep's shows on a pair of audio DVDs in MP3 format for Christmas last year. I had to install a DVD drive in the computer to play them (my DVD player will play CD MP3s but not DVD MP3s) but I've got them now. What a circle, first heard Shep on a gift from my Grandfather and now am listening to him again on a gift from my son.
Dawnie R
Wayne, West Virginia
Joined: October 22, 2006
Shep fan since: 2003
Discovered Shep:
On the Radio
Guest No: 1791
I am wondering..i have heard several people tell me about Shep sometimes doing trivia on his shows and that there was a specific name that he had for it. If anyone could help me figure this out, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!