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Butt Scrode
Butte, Wyoming
Joined: April 08, 2003
Shep fan since: 1987
Discovered Shep:
Read his Playboy short stories
Guest No: 941
I hate Old People, Yet Tyler does them all the time
Bob Smith
Powell, Wyoming
Joined: December 07, 2004
Shep fan since: 1970
Discovered Shep:
On the Radio
Guest No: 1371
I am 65 and my daughter has promised a full size leg lamp from Santa this year. My wife asked where I would put. My answer, of course, in the front window as it "is a major award".
Donna Schuette
Powell, Wyoming
Joined: December 19, 2006
Shep fan since: 1960
Discovered Shep:
On the Radio
Guest No: 1868
I cut my I-tooth on Shep's radio show. Thanksgiving wasn't Thanksgiving without his turkey story! How can I remember WHEN I discovered Shep when he was part of my life from the youngest age, having been born and raised in New Jersey! I LOVE SHEP and miss his humor so much! This is now permenantly bookmarked on my computer. God bless the internet to bring back this wonderful mind to have his humor live on and on.