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December 18, 1998

Alan Colmes Show

Host: Alan Colmes


Alan Colmes interviews Shep who is at home in Florida, over the phone. This is the last known radio interview that Shep did before his death less than a year later. Alan does a nice job covering all the different aspects of Shep's career. From Live Stage to Radio, Movies, Books and Television. They touch on the popularity of "A Christmas Story", and the I' Libertine story. The art of telling a story, the preparation for doing a show or a story. Talking about the pre-radio days, Alan mentions Shep's 1949 work at the Goodman Theatre and Shep mentions working stand up at the Vangaurd and at Upstairs at the Downstairs. Among the phone calls taken are ones from Bob Kaye and Jim Sadur who had the two Jean Shepherd websites at the time. On the day President Kennedy was shot, Shep was in a restaurant speaking with an executive of NBC regarding leaving WOR for NBC. Shep talks about his friendship with Larry King and his several appearances on Larry King's show several times. Working on a new movie which will be out in a few years. Lots more

January 02,1999
New York Daily News

Courtesy: Steve Glazer