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Last Update: 12-17-2015

April 2, 1985

Larry King Show

Host: Larry King


The show also featured Jimmy Carter in a separate segment. Shep talks about Jean Shepherd's America Bahn Frei was Shep's theme music and he spoke about the theme's origin. Here's some of what he said on the show: "I was doing a TV show in Cincinnati sponsored by the Bayhorse Ale company. They wanted something in the titles involving horses so we came up with the idea of a group of horses in silhouette running along to the Bahn Frei theme with a small silhouette of me running along trying to catch up." The show was the original version of "Rear Bumpers" on WLW-TV Shep also mentioned that in the famous film clip documentary "When Comedy Was King" (c1960) producer Robert Youngson chose Shep's theme for the background music to a clip of Buster Keaton in "Cops" because he felt that Shepherd had the same dry wit as the old-stone-face.
Additional Comments:
This show was originally dated 4/1/1985, but may have broadcast on 4/2/1985. King's show was Midnight to 5am and on it Shep refers to the Villa Nova vs Georgetown win. Tis game was played on April 1st in Lexington Kentucky - Score:66-64 If so, the 4/1/1985 King show would have already aired before the game in the early AM hours. The first King show after the game would be 4/2/1985 early AM.

April 16,1985
Daily News - Article about JSA

Courtesy: FHC / JSP

April 16,1985
Daily News

Courtesy: FHC / JSP