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Show Biz Fringies And Phonies, George Ade Fable About Show Biz
Airdate: July 1972

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Last Update: 10-16-2019

Show Description

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Fan Description
[ Courtesy: Pete Delaney - 10-16-2019 ] California Speeder The Old Lady, The Soup Bone, The Police and The 4 Hippies Show Biz Stories told by Show Biz People Shep Reads George Ade's Fable "The Fable of Paducuh's Favorite Comedians and the Mildewed Stunt" starring ZOROASTER AND ZENDAVESTA The sad story of Goobeman, the no talent TV extra who actually thought he was in Show Biz The Times Square lunch counter filled with untalented Goobermans, Zoroasters and Zendavestas John Wingate makes a brief appearance to tell of the Gooberman he just met. People want fantasy Shep reads Ade's "The Fable Of The Preacher Who Flew His Kite But Not Because He Wanted To" How a soap opera writer became a huge success by just changing the date


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By: Pete Delaney
Date: 10-16-2019
Rating: Not Rated
Airdate History ' - Original' date is earliest known broadcast)
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