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Last Update: 09-08-2016

Arline Hope Von Beulwitz

aka: Cousin Arline

Crazy Cousin

Daughter of Aunt Kate - Married to Willis M. Bennett
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[ Courtesy: Steve Glazer - 09-13-2015 ]
Shep's mother -- Anne (aka Anna and Annie) (nee Heinrichs) Shepherd Hetrick (1899-1977) -- had four sisters, one of which was Kathryn Edith ("Aunt Kate") Heinrichs (1896-1989). She was married to Alfred August ("Uncle Al") Von Beulwitz (1895-1968), who worked as a musician (violinist) and orchestra leader. They had three children (Shep's cousins): Joyce Gloria (m. Jerome Albert De Berthier) (1920-2006), Arline (aka Arlene) Hope (m. Willis L. Bennett) (1922-?) and Alfred August Jr. (1923-1992).
Where Shep Made Reference To This Subject

February 19,1946
Arlene Hope Bennett

Courtesy: Steve Glazer