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FNA, PBA, LTVA, and Dial a Boss
Airdate: Wednesday - July 25, 1973

WOR Show

Show Description
Shep discusses: FNA - Fig Newtons Anonymous - Addictions to Fig Newtons PBA - Peanut Butter Anonymous - Sneaking a peanut butter sandwich at four in the morning or opening a jar of peanut butter in the supermarket, taking a taste, and putting the jar back on the shelf. LTVA - Late television anonymous -creeping back to the living room to watch late night TV in a trance until the early morning prayer. Dial a Boss - Service for ex-executives going through the un-employment bends. Each morning at 9:05 Cliff Smithers receives a phone call from his "boss" C.G. Bullard, barking at him and chewing his tail. An afternoon call is provided when you get the urge for approval. Dial a Flunkie - For bosses who have been fired. They can call up and yell at someone giving them a sense of power and security. He concludes the show telling about how "I spent one brief curious period in my life on duty with the Navy". This was aboard the Essex CVA-9 on the Mediterranean in the late 50's, reading the morning news and ship's bulletins over the PA system.
The commercials appear to have been cut/trimmed in this recording. Only a portion o the Dubonet commercial appears and a very short blurb by Shep about Sweet and Low. Shep refers frequently to Joe, his engineer.
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By: Jim Clavin
Rating: Not Rated
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